Corporate Placements

We assist firms in bridging management gaps by temporary commissioning our ‘purple squirrels’ to ensure quick ramp-up of skillsets and provisionally deliver the required objectives.

In today’s disruptive and volatile business environment, firms need to constantly reinvent themselves to adapt to new market realities and deliver bold change. They need to frequently reskill and upskill their personnel, identify skills gaps and recruit the right talent, on time.

Often, however, firms struggle to find or timely recruit the caliber they need, resulting in tremendous suffering, drawbacks and value leakage.

At Grenoble Partners, we help our clients temporary fill critical management and leadership seats by commissioning our top-notch ‘purple squirrels’ to ensure quick ramp-up of skillsets and timely delivery of business objectives, without interrupting on-going operations. Our network of internal, contractor, general and specialized talent are trained to uniquely work hand-in-hand with public and private organizations to satisfy their business needs.