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The Future of Government

The world is evolving quickly, and governments must sooner than later reinvent their positioning to strive. Citizens have growing expectations and failing to satisfy them will have detrimental effects on trust; a necessary enabler for a healthy society where the government sets the right environment, and the different stakeholders contribute. Governments are not at par towards the on-going transition and have different socio-economic challenges, however, regardless of their current status, proactiveness is necessary in setting tangible plans for moving forward. Focusing on efficiency and delivery is a practical first step for the upcoming future. Openness then leads the way for more effective societal use of the available data and resources and finally adopting a participatory and localized approach in policy setting unlocks full societal potential.

The Future of Space

51 years after the first human landing on the moon, we are on the verge of an epic upcoming decade in the field of Space exploration, development, commercialization, and…