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Process Industries & Building Material

Enterprises working in process industries such as agribusiness, chemicals, or building materials are faced today with new unorthodox challenges.

While in the past, their primary focus used to be operational excellence, today, this alone is neither possible nor enough. Digital technologies and data are reinventing the way successful industrial processing companies need to operate and sustain.

The process industry landscape has never been more complex. In agribusiness, data and analytics are becoming key to monitor and maximize crop yields, optimize resource allocation and distribute food products.  In building materials, the demand for smarter buildings that are energy-efficient, automated, customized and connected is transforming the full industry supply chain and increasing pricing pressures. Similarly, industry consolidation, volatility of raw material prices and innovation in specialty chemicals, call for companies to develop new growth strategies in the chemical industry.

 While each industry has its own specific challenges, they all share common thematic issues:    

  • How to design and implement an agile decision-making process that enables management of today’s challenges?
  • How to use advanced data analytics and smart networks to provide a system-wide view of the processes’, bottlenecks and risks on time?
  • How to harmonize company processes and align the supply chain with customers’ and business needs?
  • How to increase customer proximity and resource efficiency, and utilization?
  • How to increase transparency and satisfy consumer demand for more information about their purchases?
  • How to manage the transformation and develop a successful change management program?

At Grenoble Partners, we advise clients on how to navigate this increasingly dynamic and competitive environment, manage these uncertainties and take a value-focused approach to help them better position themselves for the changes ahead.