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Media & Entertainment

The convergence of digital technologies, media, telecom channels, and entertainment platforms have transformed the full customer experience and how, when and where they consume information.

Firms are capitalizing on the integrated and expansive evolving landscape of the sector to build customer loyalty and increase value.

They are also faced with enormous challenges, from changes in regulations, to upsurge in capital spendings, to declining profitability as well as decommissioning outdated channels and services.

The sector continues to evolve, and media and entertainment firms are aggressively reinventing themselves taking full advantage of emerging technologies to digitize the entire value chain and gain a competitive advantage in the new era. 

Key issues include:

  • How to improve operational efficiency and reduce subscriber acquisition costs?
  • How to strengthen brand value, reach more customers and increase their stickiness?
  • How to generate revenue gains through an effective pricing model and tool?
  • How to effectively use artificial intelligence for content creation and development, and improving advertising effectiveness?
  • How to exploit big data and advanced analytics to customize offerings and improve customer experience while achieving deep customer engagement?
  • How to capitalize on 5G and ‘internet-of-things’ services to unlock the potential value in telecom?
  • How to identify new sources of growth and continuously optimize an evolving portfolio of digital channels and tools?
  • How to mitigate cyber risks while protecting company content and services?

At Grenoble Partners, we advise clients on how to navigate this increasingly dynamic competitive landscape, manage these uncertainties and take a value-focused approach to transform firms for the digital future.