Health Care Services

Health care systems and services have gone through tremendous progress; life expectancy is on a general increasing trend, quality of care continues to improve and advanced treatments are being introduced to cure diseases that were ‘untreatable’ before.

Enormous challenges, however, persist; ageing populations, chronic diseases, and increasing coverage plans are putting the whole sector under pressure. Health care spending outpaced GDP growth for many years now, leading to a widening funding gap. Governments, payers, providers, med. suppliers, and technology companies are introducing innovative and disruptive tools and models to control rising costs while keeping health care affordable and accessible to the majority of the citizens. Key issues include:

  • How to improve health care affordability and expand coverage plans to all citizens?
  • How to drive innovation and increase efficiency while improving health outcomes?
  • How to treat chronic diseases cost-effectively through controlled disease management initiatives?
  • How to use telemedicine to engage doctors and patients and improve how health care is delivered?
  • How to use real-time data acquisition and processing technologies to monitor and react to critical patients while at their homes?
  • How to introduce a health management system that incentivizes the right behaviors from all health care stakeholders?
  • How to migrate to a value-based integrated health care model that reduces total health care expenditures and improves value for patients?

At Grenoble Partners, we advise public and private clients on how to navigate the evolving future of the health care sector, manage these uncertainties, develop a rationale for strategic approaches, take the right decisions and help them better position themselves for the changes ahead.