Energy & Environment

The energy and environment sector is at the core of all other sectors. It is intertwined with the value chains of almost every industry across the globe and many aspects of our lives; from the way we power our homes, to the way we travel, to the methods that we use to grow our crops, to the clean water that we consume, or even the products that we decide to use in our everyday life, etc.

Despite its long history, the sector is now going through another transformation with accelerated change; and challenges around energy security and environmental sustainability are becoming increasingly complex and uncertain.

Global, technological, regulatory and behavioral issues are reshaping the future of the sector and reframing how we should  approach the energy enigma challenge; increasing demand for energy, volatile oil prices, competition between utilities, the revolution of disruptive renewables (solar, wind and storage) and the scale of government subsidies, the rise of emerging oil & gas technologies and tools, as well as the increasing climate change regulations are just a few of the many issues that every government and energy firm need to take into consideration, as they are developing their own energy visions, strategies, frameworks, and roadmaps.

Meanwhile, oil and gas firms, utilities, and energy providers are racing towards digitalization and increasingly adopting cutting-edge digital tools, solutions, methodologies, and capabilities that fully transform their operating models.

At Grenoble Partners, we advise clients on how to navigate the future state of the energy sector, manage these uncertainties, develop a rationale for strategic approaches, take the right decisions as well as help companies and governments reposition themselves for the changes ahead.