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Consumer Products

Despite several years of golden growth rates, consumer products companies are already thinking of the next billion customers and in being prepared to convert them on time.

While they are already busy managing a complex portfolio of products, brands, categories, channels, and regions, digitalization has disrupted the sector by fundamentally changing the interaction between brands and the consumers, and requires companies to rethink their strategies, manage change and transform their operations.

To consumer product companies, growth is not optional; decisions on products innovation, customization, pricing, promotions, operational efficiency, and not to mention brand leadership, need to be integrated and made from an end-to-end value perspective rather than in isolation.

Key issues include:

  • How to serve the rapidly growing digital customer and deliver innovation from factories to consumers
  • How to manage rapidly developing consumer desires and increased expectations
  • How to optimize the SKU portfolio with increasing customization requirements
  • How to afford volatile commodity costs and manage talent shortage
  • Which strategic collaborations to seek and grow along the value chain
  • How to optimize marketing spending and convert the majority of consumers
  • How to unlock the full potential of advanced analytics to achieve commercial excellence

At Grenoble Partners, we advise clients on how to manage these uncertainties, take the right decisions and navigate where true value lies along every part of the value chain.