Biopharmaceuticals have already transformed the pharma industry as the leading players are shifting their focus to biopharma. Increased sophistication and drug innovation, high efficacy and improved safety, fewer side effects and the ability to cure previously untreatable conditions has become a reality and is presenting enormous opportunities and choices for global industry leaders to bet on, while simultaneously facing increasing uncertainties.

For the biopharma companies, today’s decisions will shape their organizations and the industry for decades to come. Key issues include:

  • How to restructure R&D portfolios and processes with increasing drug complexity and uncertain regulatory actions
  • How to rapidly scale manufacturing without sacrificing on asset utilization
  • How to improve go-to-market strategies and optimize operations
  • How to maintain a pipeline with continued growth as biopharma patents expire

For the biosimilar companies, they will need to focus on cost, quality, and scale to build competitive positions for the future. Key issues include:

  • How to improve manufacturing agility and utilization as complexity increases
  • What to make and what to outsource along the value chain in a rapidly evolving market
  • How to streamline the deployment of new technologies to continuously support new innovative personalized products

Digitalization is also hitting the industry at exciting times and the industry is already benefitting from the use of big data and advanced analytics, and cloud services to improve treatment outcomes at lower costs.

At Grenoble Partners, we advise clients on how to capitalize on these opportunities as they come to fruition, with a focus on their strategies, technologies and operations.